Odile Marcotte's Home Page
Welcome to Odile Marcotte's home page! I am an adjunct professor at the Department of Computer Science of UQÀM, a member of GERAD, and a Deputy Director of CRM. You can download my picture by clicking here.
Contact Information
At GERAD my office number is AA-4471 and my phone number is 514-340-6053 ext. 6958. My email address is firstname.lastname AT gerad.ca. At the CRM my phone number is 514-343-6111 ext. 4725.

CRM tasks
At the CRM I am in charge of the CRM annual report (since the report for 2005-2006) and I was in charge of the Bulletin du CRM during the year 2009-2010. Since 2007 I have been the main organizer of the Montreal Industrial Problem Solving Workshops. I am also responsible for the relations between the CRM and other fields and research centres (for instance the MITACS and Mprime networks, GERAD, and CIRRELT). As Deputy Director of the CRM I was also one of the main organizers of the Combinatorial Optimization Thematic Semester, the MIP2007 workshop, and the workshop on Decision Analysis and Sustainable Development. I am a member of the CanaDAM Executive Committee and was one of the main organizers of this conference when it took place in Montreal in 2009.
Research Interests
My research interests are in mathematical programming (especially integer linear programming), combinatorial optimization, and graph theory. At the moment I have four main research themes: model reduction of electronic circuits (where graph theory plays an important role), design of wind farm collection networks, cutting planes for partitioning and covering problems (especially the MDVSP, a scheduling problem), and the symbol grounding problem (click here for a description of this problem). I am also very much interested in extremal graph theory, graph colouring, and the geometric matching problem (three topics that will always fascinate me!). You can look at my publications list by clicking here.