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Cahiers du GERAD récemment publiés

Dû à des circonstances hors de notre contrôle, plusieurs Cahiers de septembre dernier viennent d'être publiés : G-2015-83 à G-2015-94. Consultez-les!

  • G-2015-83
    Goodfellow, Ryan; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Stochastic global optimization of open pit mining complexes with capital expenditures: Application at a copper mining complex
    septembre 2015, 26 pages.

  • G-2015-84
    Montiel, Luis; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos; Kawahata, Kazuhiro
    Globally optimizing open-pit and underground mining operations under geological uncertainty
    septembre 2015, 20 pages.

  • G-2015-85
    Minniakhmetov, Ilnur; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Joint simulation of correlated variables using high-order spatial statistics for orebody modeling
    septembre 2015, 17 pages.

  • G-2015-86
    Zhang, Jian; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Optimizing a mineral supply chain under uncertainty with long-term sales contracts
    septembre 2015, 14 pages.

  • G-2015-87
    Senécal, Renaud; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Long-term mine production scheduling with multiple processing destinations based on multi-neighbourhood tabu search
    septembre 2015, 19 pages.

  • G-2015-88
    Villalba Matamoros, Martha E.; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    All-inclusive stochastic short-term production scheduling approach of an iron-ore deposit with future multi-element ore control data
    septembre 2015, 28 pages.

  • G-2015-89
    Spleit, Michael; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Stochastic long-term production scheduling of the LabMag iron ore deposit in Labrador, Canada
    septembre 2015, 22 pages.

  • G-2015-90
    de Freitas Silva, Mario; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Simulation of weathered profiles coupled with multivariate block-support simulation of the Puma Nickel Laterite Deposit, Brazil
    septembre 2015, 24 pages.

  • G-2015-91
    Teixeira, Murilo; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Multiple-point simulation of Olympic Dam copper deposit, Australia, using wavelet analysis
    septembre 2015, 28 pages.

  • G-2015-92
    Godoy, Marcelo C.; Del Castillo, M. Fernanda; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Optimal mining rates revisited: Managing mining equipment and geological risk at a given mine setup
    septembre 2015, 18 pages.

  • G-2015-93
    Lamghari, Amina; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    An adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic to optimize mineral supply chain operations under metal and material type uncertainties
    septembre 2015, 28 pages.

  • G-2015-94
    Paduraru, Cosmin; Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos
    Mineral supply chain optimization under uncertainty using approximate dynamic programming
    septembre 2015, 18 pages.

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