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Invité de la semaine

Stéphane Alarie, Hydro-Québec

Courte biographie : Stéphane Alarie is a mechanical engineering graduate from Polytechnique. He was at GERAD while completing his OR Masters degree under the supervision of Pierre Hansen and Brigitte Jaumard. He then worked for nine years (1998-2007) on the design and development of the real-time truck assignment module of MineStar, a package of software solutions for open pit mines, at Caterpillar Inc. He is now Researcher at the Hydro-Québec Research Institute (IREQ) where works on different projects, including the determination of natural inflows in reservoirs, the location of measurement stations, the calibration of simulators, the reduction of peak power demand (smart grid), and the staffing and scheduling in call centers.

Il est invité par Miguel F. Anjos. Ne manquez pas sa présentation le 21 novembre 2013.

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