Groupe d’études et de recherche en analyse des décisions

Invité de la semaine

Atsushi Takizawa, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Engineering

Courte biographie : Atsushi Takizawa is an assistant professor of Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Eng., Kyoto Univ. Graduate School of Eng. He earned a Bachelor of Eng. in Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Eng., Kobe Univ. in 1995, a Master of Eng. in Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Science and Tech., Kobe Univ. in 1997 and a Doctor of Eng. by way of dissertation from Kobe Univ. in 2001. He's current research themes are spatial information science for crime analysis and real estate analysis, evacuation planning with network theory, and architectural form and space finding by optimization.

Il est invité par Miguel F. Anjos. Ne manquez pas son séminaire le jeudi 12 janvier 2012.

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