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Edouard Wagneur

Membre honoraire, GERAD

Membre honoraire, GERAD, Canada

514 340-6053 x 6670
Local 4433

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Strong independence and injectivity in tropical modules
G Litvinov, VP Maslov, AG Kushner and SN Sergeev (eds.), Contemporary Mathematics, 616, American Mathematical Society, 291–300, 2014 référence BibTeX
Coordination in a two-stage production system: Complexity, conflict and cooperation
, et
Computers & Operations Research, 39, 1245–1256, 2012 référence BibTeX
Injectivity modules of a tropical map
International Workshop TROPICAL-12 on Tropical and Idempotent Mathematics, Moscow, Russia, 244–250, 2012 référence BibTeX
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