Groupe d’études et de recherche en analyse des décisions

Environment Canada’s E3MC Model

Glasha Obrekht

Andy Wong

Results from the Energy-Emissions-Economy Model for Canada (E3MC) are used by Environment Canada to produce emissions projections and to analyze environmental and economic impacts of proposed policies and regulations. In this presentation, we would like to present the modelling framework, including its two models: Energy 2020 (E2020) which simulates energy and emissions and the macroeconomic model, The Infometrica Model (TIM). Discussion on the theoretical approach to modelling, the theoretical motivation behind E2020, the treatment of historical data, integration of E2020 and TIM, energy/GHG forecasting, and policy modelling will be presented. Assumptions and modelling methodologies in the model can be changed to suit the analysis of the proposed policy or produce sensitivity analyses. A comparison of different base cases and sensitivity scenarios will be presented.