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Three Trajectory Optimization Problems in Civil Aeronautics

Bastien Talgorn GERAD, Canada

This presentation will present three trajectory optimization problems on which I worked at Airbus. These three problems correspond to three different flight phases. The objectives, the constraints, the trajectory definition formats, the time allocated for the resolution and the resolution methods are hence very different.

First problem : Optimization of the lateral profile of the emergency trajectory in case of engine failure during takeoff. This trajectory is defined by a succession of instructions followed by the pilot and the problem is solved with a dedicated genetic algorithm.

Second problem: Optimization of the vertical profile of the takeoff trajectory. This trajectory is defined by a reduced set of speeds and altitudes that must be reached. The problem is solved with the NOMAD library developed at GERAD.

Third problem: Optimization of the cruise altitude. This trajectory is sampled and the problem is solved with dynamic programming and gradient methods..

This presentation will mainly focus on the formalization of these problems and their resolution. No aeronautical knowledge is required.