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High-Dimensional Feature Selection Using Hierarchical Bayesian Logistic Regression with Heavy-tailed Priors

Longhai Li

The problem of selecting the most useful features from a great many (eg, thousands) of candidates arises in many areas of modern sciences. An interesting problem from genomic research is that, from thousands of genes that are active (expressed) in certain tissue cells, we want to ?nd the genes that can be used to separate tissues of di?erent classes (eg. cancer and normal). In this paper, we report a Bayesian logistic regression method based on heavytailed priors with moderately small degree freedom (such as 1) and small scale (such as 0.01), and using Gibbs sampling to do the computation. We show that it can distinctively separate a couple of useful features from a large number of useless ones, and discriminate many redundant correlated features. We also show that this method is very stable to the choice of scale. We apply our method to a microarray data set related to prostate cancer, and identify only 3 genes out of 6033 candidates that can separate cancer and normal tissues very well in leave-one-out cross-validation.