Groupe d’études et de recherche en analyse des décisions

Talks on Systems and Control for Smart Grids

Zhongjing Ma School of Automation, Beijing Institute of Technology, Chine

Arman C. Kizilkale Université McGill, Canada

Zhongjing Ma : « A Mean-Field Formalism for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Control Problems »

In this talk we will describe the formulation of a class of plug-in electric vehicle charging control problems. Mean field decentralized control solutions will be presented and the utilization of high-penetration unpredictable wind power by the coordination of mass vehicle recharging will be briefly discussed.

Arman C. Kizilkale : « Regulation, Volatility and Efficiency in Power Markets »

We model the continuous-time power market as an optimal control problem where the demand and supply processes are governed by stochastic differential equations controlled with the price input. We first analyze the efficiency effect of an intermittent supplier which is characterized by cheap production with a high supply volatility. We show that (i) the negative efficiency impact of the intermittent supplier due to stochasticity and uncontrollability can be offset, and (ii) the volatility of the prices can be decreased with a double price market mechanism.