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Production planning for fermentation tanks at wineries

Carlos Monardes Universidad Católica del Norte, Chili

Production Planning and Scheduling problems arise in every industry, and agriculture is not the exception. Some specific industry characteristics give to Agriculture special attractiveness to Operations Research (OR) techniques. The wine sector has attractive opportunities in the operations research field due to the complex optimization problems that may surge due to the interaction of different planning decisions. We propose two Binary Linear Programming Models for planning the use of wineries fermentation tanks. These models support the winemaker in the decision to harvest and to assign grapes lots to fermentation tanks. The decisions are made based on the expected yield of the blocks where the grapes grow, harvest dates and fermentation times. One of the proposed models is a time-indexed formulation while another one is not. To reduce the dimensionality problem in the first formulation, the second one eliminates the time index of the decision variables. This reformulation turns out to be much simpler in its formulation and resolution. The Constraint Generation method used in the resolution gets efficient response times. The results obtained allow the winemaker to get optimal production plans in short computational times.

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