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Demand flexibility: Planning and scheduling of smart electric water heaters and electric baseboard thermostats

Véronique Delisle CanmetENERGY, Canada

Louis-Philippe Proulx Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Demand flexibility is the capability to modify the electricity consumption of a load away from its original or usual shape. It can be used to balance supply and demand and can be useful for integrating renewable energy and supporting the electrical grid during peak demand periods. As smart grid technologies are being increasingly deployed, it is becoming easier for utilities to find and capture demand flexibility from their clients. This presentation will provide an overview of the current and future R&D activities related to demand flexibility conducted by Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGYlaboratory. It will discuss the planning and scheduling strategies used in both laboratory and field tests conducted with smart electric water heaters and electric baseboard thermostats. Different load aggregation methods and their applicability for utilities will also be presented.

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10h45-12h00: Presentation

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