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Urban mobility smart-data born from gamification. An effective experience from Bologna, Italy

Tommaso Bonino Società Reti e Mobilità (SRM), Italie

Owning data about urban mobility is a challenge: millions of trips, many options for citizens and city-users, ... hard to be represented. Nowadays administrations need to trigger behavioural change because pollution and congestion have made usual choices no more bearable. Last, providing mobility services should fit a city that grows and changes on a daily basis. So you need smart-data, you need to refer to citizens and city-users and you need to provide effective transport services. SRM - the Bologna mobility Authority - merged all of this into a 2017 EU-funded initiative that brought 15.000 people together. And in May 2018 the game is going to be played again.

Tommaso Bonino holds a Master in Civil Engineering with major in Urban Design and Mobility from the University of Bologna, Italy. He is the CTO of "Società Reti e Mobilità” (SRM), the Bologna mobility Authority.

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