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Open pit block scheduling with exposed ore reserve


18 oct. 2017   12h15 — 13h30

Jorge Amaya Universidad de Chile, Chili

Operational mine plans are usually produced on a yearly basis and further scheduling is attempted to provide monthly, weekly and daily schedules. A portion of the ore reserve is said to be exposed if it is readily available for extraction at the start of the period. We propose an integer programming (IP) model to generate pit designs under exposed ore reserve requirements, as an extension of the classical optimization models for mine planning. For this purpose, we introduce a set of new binary variables, representing which blocks can be declared as exposed ore reserve, in addition to the extraction and processing decisions.

Speaker’s Bio:
Dr. Amaya holds a Master’s and Ph.D. in applied sciences and a Master’s degree in mathematical statistics. He is a Professor at the School of Engineering and researcher at the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) of the University of Chile. As the director of the Laboratory of Logistics and Production (LPLab), he has directed numerous research and development projects in the field of modeling and the application of mathematics to industry. Dr. Amaya has made numerous scientific publications in the fields of Applied Mathematics and Operational Research, two chapters of books, numerous technical consulting reports and more than 50 invited conferences in international conferences and seminars.


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