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Recent work in multi-label classification and machine learning for ultrasound imaging

Maxime Gasse Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Two topics will be specifically addressed, namely i) multi-label classification using probabilistic graphical model (PGM) structure learning, and 2) deep learning for ultrasound imaging. First, we will see how several popular loss functions (Hamming loss, 0/1 loss, F-loss) affect the parameter and time complexity of the multi-label learning problem, and how these are lowered when the conditional distribution p(y|x) meets some specific independence constraints, i.e. a decomposition into irreducible label factors [1,2,3]. Second, I will present the problem of plane wave medical ultrasound imaging, which I will formulate as a supervised learning problem. I will present some specificities of the problem which call for original contributions, and show some promising results inspired by the HyperNetwork paradigm [4].

[1] On the Optimality of Multi-Label Classification under Subset Zero-One Loss for Distributions Satisfying the Composition Property, ICML 2015, Maxime Gasse, Alex Aussem, Haytham Elghazel [2] F-measure Maximization in Multi-Label Classification with Conditionally Independent Label Subsets, ECML 2016, Maxime Gasse, Alex Aussem [3] Identifying the irreducible disjoint factors of a multivariate probability distribution, PGM 2016, Maxime Gasse, Alex Aussem [4] HyperNetwork, ICLR 2017, David Ha, Andrew Dai, Quoc V. Le

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