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Séminaire étudiant CIRRELT/GERAD/MORSC

A practical time slot management and routing problem in attended home delivery


26 mai 2017   12h00 — 13h00

Bruno Petrato Bruck HEC Montréal, Canada

In this talk, we describe a solution methodology developed to address an attended home delivery problem faced by an Italian provider of gas, electricity and water services. This company operates in several regions and must dispatch technicians to customer locations where they carry out installation or maintenance activities within time intervals chosen by the customers.

The problem consists of creating time slot tables specifying the amount of resources allocated to each region in each time slot, and of routing technicians in a cost-effective way. We propose a large neighborhood search (LNS) heuristic to create time slot tables by relying on various simulation strategies to represent the behavior of customers and on an integer linear program to optimize the routing of technicians. In addition, we also use a second integer program as a repair mechanism inside the LNS heuristic. Computational experiments carried out on data provided by the company confirm the efficiency of the proposed methodology.

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