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Simultaneous stochastic optimization of mining complexes

Ryan Goodfellow Université McGill, Canada

A mining complex is an integrated operation that extracts materials from open pit and underground mines, processes the extracted materials using a set of processing streams, and generates a set of products that are delivered to customers or sold on the spot market. As the size of the mining complex increases, there is a compounded effect that uncertainty has on the various components, and stochastic optimization approaches are needed to manage this risk. This talk will cover a generalized stochastic optimization model that can be adapted to solve large-scale mixed integer non-linear mine production scheduling optimization problems with supply uncertainty. This model is optimized using a metaheuristic solver based on simulated annealing and differential evolution. Next, we will provide applications of these models and methods to real-world case studies and, finally, discuss ongoing efforts to disseminate this research into the mining industry.

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