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A 40-year journey in data science and technology, from academia to industry

Philippe Collard Président, Le Link Inc., Canada

Over the course of the past 40 years, I have been witness to and an actor of an amazing transformation in what we called "technology". My first exposure to this world was when I wrote my first program for an an IBM 360 on punch cards. I was later involved in medical imaging (where we were first exposed to "big data"). Then went on to work for NASA on climate science in the 90s. And I have been involved in more technology ventures since then from the industry side.

I have now more power in my pocket in my iPhone 6 than I had at my disposal when I tried to analyse cloud images on Cray computers 20 years ago. What has been this journey? What did I learn from it? and how should we look at technology today? What about artificial intelligence? what about big data? what about virtual reality? how do we make sense of it all, sorting through what is real, what could become real, what probably will never be and what is hype? Follow me on a time travel trip: from the past to the future.

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