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Optimizing Google's Cloud infrastructure

Brian Eck Google, États-Unis

Google’s Cloud infrastructure consists of the servers, network, datacenters and software that run all of Google’s services like Search, Gmail and Youtube as well as it’s fast growing external business, Google Cloud Platform. We’ll discuss three case studies in optimizing this infrastructure, covering challenges not only in solving the analytical problems but also in solving the business problems to reach real implementation and impact. Case studies will include some subset of: (1) optimizing build frequency for adding capacity to the network; (2) analyzing scenarios of metro network topology to inform strategy, including cost implications of adjusting forecasts; (3) building 'forecast tolerant' networks that buffer for fault-tolerance and forecast variation; (4) low-cost methods of physical grooming on a city-level fiber infrastructure; (5) reducing stranded compute resources through simulation; (6) increasing resource utilization through statistical oversubscription.

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