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Overview of the October, 2015, IMA Networks and Distributed Control Workshops

Shuang Gao Département de génie électrique et informatique, Université McGill, Canada

We shall give an overview of two IMA workshops at University of Minnesota in October 2015 on the distributed control on networks and analysis and control of network dynamics. These topics fall in the intersection of control theory, dynamics and network analysis, principally where the nodes are associated with controlled and possibly communicating dynamical systems. Moreover, the networks themselves can be dynamic.

Within this framework classical single agent control problems are extended to the study of multi-agent systems on possibly large, complex networks. This brings the challenge of controlling the whole system from distributed locations and that of the analysis the system from a global perspective.

The talks in the workshops used theoretical methods from areas such as control theory, information theory and economics, and the targeted application areas included power grids, neuroscience, traffic flow, epidemics, and social opinion dynamics. In the seminar I shall give a brief overview of the presentations on the following; state-dependent dynamic networks, co-evolutionary dynamical networks, controllability of networked bilinear control systems, and the fragility of network systems.