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The future of transportation fuel in the United States in concert with energy and climate policy

Sauleh Siddiqui Johns Hopkins University, États-Unis

This talk will identify market implications and infrastructure requirements for transportation fuels in the United States under scenarios of energy and climate policy initiatives. We build a model to investigate the interdependence between market developments, different regulatory measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions, and improved safety. The latter topic is of particular importance given the public opposition to crude oil transportation by rail due to a recent string of accidents. In addition, we will illustrate how restrictions on crude oil transportation by rail may shift the pattern of production, refining and demand across the United States. Lastly, renewable fuels have the potential to provide a significant share of transportation fuels in the United States given the right mix of subsidies and incentives, and we will explicitly model the interaction between crude oil and biofuels given the regulatory framework. The model is a multiobjective program with equilibrium constraints (MOPEC) for the crude oil and renewable fuel market in conjunction with the Renewable Fuel Standard. We provide an algorithm to solve the MOPEC and comment on the computational issues associated with solving such problems.

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