Groupe d’études et de recherche en analyse des décisions

Complex systems in transportation: \(\varepsilon \upsilon\varphi \upsilon \iota \alpha\)

Andreas A. Malikopoulos Directeur adjoint, Urban Dynamics Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, États-Unis

How is catching a ball like driving a car? Both processes involve the cooperative behavior of thousands of neurons in our brains to create a perception guiding us to make specific decisions. While both activities are very familiar and seem simple on the surface, they involve fundamental processes at the very edge of current scientific understanding. This talk will address the development of a theoretical framework for the analysis and stochastic optimization of complex systems in transportation, and highlight current research efforts toward making vehicles and transportation systems with the aim of (1) becoming eco-friendly, (2) realizing the optimum efficiency based on consumers’ needs and preferences, and (3) learning how traffic information can positively impact the environment and improve efficiency.


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