Group for Research in Decision Analysis
Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis

This theme adresses the design of novel, direct or iterative, stable and efficient numerical methods for the solution of large linear or nonlinear systems of equations, and their application to numerical analysis problems, including optimization and optimal control. It also concerns the creative application of existing methods to such problems. Finally, it adresses implementation issues and high-performance computing.

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A regularized factorization-free method for equality-constrained optimization
To appear in: SIAM Journal on Optimization, 27 pages, 2018 BibTeX reference
Strong independence and injectivity in tropical modules
G Litvinov, VP Maslov, AG Kushner and SN Sergeev (eds.), Contemporary Mathematics, 616, American Mathematical Society, 291–300, 2014 BibTeX reference
Basic solutions of systems with two max-linear inequalities
Linear Algebra and its Applications, 435, 1758–1768, 2011 BibTeX reference
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