Group for Research in Decision Analysis
Telecommunication systems

Planning in telecommunication networks for efficiency and reliability at minimal cost; optimal resource management in next generation wireless systems; quality of service assurance in the Internet; pricing in the internet; optimal operation of call centers.

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The last issue of the Newsletter is now available. Enjoy!

  • Spotlights on ... - A project finalist for the ADRIQ Award
  • *Collaborations * - GERAD, a partner to the first Edge Intelligence Workshop
  • *Actions and interactions * - Best practices when writing a scientific paper in decision science according to Gilbert Laporte
  • Who are they? - Yichuan Ding, Mélina Mailhot
  • Where are they now? - Masoud Chitsaz, Elias Khalil, Nahid Masoudi
  • Postdoctoral fellows - Tarik Bahraoui, Simon Belieres, Julien Fageot, Sriram Sankaranarayanan


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