Group for Research in Decision Analysis
Research axes and themes

Axis 1 : Mathematical methods in support of decision making

  1. Convex and non convex mathematical programming
  2. Combinatorial optimization, Combinatorics, Graph theory
  3. Game theory, Analysis of dynamic systems and Optimal control
  4. Mathematical modeling, Model identification and State estimation
  5. Statistics, Data mining, Probability and stochastic processes, Artificial intelligence
  6. Simulation
  7. Linear Algebra and Numerical Analysis
  8. Continuous Optimization
  9. Derivative-free methods

Axis 2 : Applications development in large scale technological, commercial and economic systems

  1. Transportation systems
  2. Telecommunication systems
  3. Logistics, Manufacturing systems, Distribution systems, Marketing
  4. Energy systems, Environment and Natural resources
  5. Health systems
  6. Finance and Econometrics
  7. Engineering
  8. Supply chain

Axis 3 : Software for decision support

  1. Commercial software
  2. Open Source software
  3. Free software