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Yossiri Adulyasak holds a new Canada research chair

Professor Yossiri Adulyasak have been appointed to hold the Canada Research Chair in Supply Chain Analytics.

The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, federal Minister of Science and Sport, made the official announcement on November 13, when she revealed the details of the Canada Research Chairs Program. The chair will receive $100,000 in annual funding over a renewable five-year period.

The Chair in Supply Chain Analytics will focus on transforming the planning and execution processes through scientific advances that make use of operations research and machine learning techniques.

Research by Yossiri Adulyasak and his team will revolve around three objectives:

  • seamless integration of planning and real-time execution, to deal with uncertainty
  • supply chain resilience, to cope with unexpected disruptions
  • supply chain intelligence, to constantly learn and adapt to the rapid changes in their environments

The Chair will also strive to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners and, in the end, enable Canadian firms to withstand global competition.

edited Apr 30, 2020 11:38 AM