Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Cahiers du GERAD recently published or revised

Like every year end, several Cahiers du GERAD are published in December. As the website shows only the three most recent Cahiers, please consult this list to get an idea of the latest developments in research at GERAD.

Published in December 2015:

  • G-2015-138 - Generalized linear models for dependent frequency and severity of insurance claims
    Garrido, José; Genest, Christian; Schulz, Juliana
  • G-2015-137 - Rank-based methods for modeling dependence between loss triangles
    Côté, Marie-Pier; Genest, Christian; Abdallah, Anas
  • G-2015-136 - A second look in inference for bivariate Skellam distributions
    Aissaoui, Sidi Allal; Genest, Christian; Mesfioui, Mhamed
  • G-2015-135 - Airline fleet assignment with stochastic demand and re-fleeting recourse
    Lasalle Ialongo, David; Desaulniers, Guy; Soumis, François
  • G-2015-134 - Scheduling identical parallel machines with tooling constraints
    Beezao, Andreza Cristina; Cordeau, Jean-François; Laporte, Gilbert; Yanasse, Horacio Hideki
  • G-2015-133 - Numerical investigation of non-hierarchical coordination for distributed multidisciplinary design optimization with fixed computational budget
    Talgorn, Bastien; Kokkolaras, Michael; DeBlois, A.; Piperni, P.
  • G-2015-132 - Privacy-optimal strategies for smart metering systems with a rechargeable battery
    Li, Simon; Khisti, Ashish; Mahajan, Aditya
  • G-2015-131 - A robust optimization model for the risk averse reservoir management problem
    Gauvin, Charles; Delage, Erick; Gendreau, Michel
  • G-2015-130 - Combining losing games into a winning game
    Rémillard, Bruno; Vaillancourt, Jean
  • G-2015-129 - Welfare implication of reforming energy consumption subsidies
    Breton, Michèle; Mirzapour, Hossein
  • G-2015-128 - Sustainability of cooperation in dynamic games played over event trees: A tutorial
    Zaccour, Georges
  • G-2015-127 - The tail assignment problem with look-ahead maintenance constraints
    Maher, Stephen J.; Desaulniers, Guy; Soumis, François

revised in November 2015:

  • G-2014-81 - Optimal marketing strategies for the acquisition and retention of service subscribers
    Ben Rhouma, Tarek; Zaccour, Georges
  • G-2014-82 - Dynamic constraint and variable aggregation in column generation
    Bouarab, Hocine; El Hallaoui, Issmail; Metrane, Abdelmoutalib; Soumis, François

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