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Mercure Award for the best thesis at HEC Montréal

The Mercure Award for the best doctoral thesis for 2013 was awarded to Yossiri Adulyasak at the program departments awards ceremony on April 16.

Yossiri Adulyasak won for his thesis entitled “Models and Solutions Algorithms for Production Routing Problems”, directed by Jean-François Cordeau, Chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation, and Raf Jans, Academic Supervisor of the PhD in Logistics and Operations Management.

The thesis, proposing new models and algorithms for integrated production and distribution planning in a supply chain, was recognized for its originality, quality and contribution to methodology.

It also has significant theory and practical benefits. Yossiri Adulyasak has already had papers published in A and A+ journals, according to the School’s policies, and presented at a number of leading congresses. He also received the Esdras-Minville Award (student) for one of his papers in 2013.

Lastly, Yossiri Adulyasak completed his program and wrote this excellent thesis in three years and four months, a very short length of time, corresponding to the ideal path.

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