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Gilbert Laporte, tied for the Pierre Laurin Award

Every year, HEC Montréal salutes its professors’ hard work and excellence at an award ceremony. Two of these distinctions, the Jean Guertin Award and the Pierre Laurin Award, for excellence in teaching and research, respectively, crown the particularly noteworthy careers of individuals who have gained their peers’ highest respect. This year, the Jean Guertin Award went to Professor Richard Déry, while two world-renowned researchers, Gilbert Laporte and Danny Miller, tied for the Pierre Laurin Award.

Gilbert Laporte is Canada’s third most influential researcher in the field of management, according to HiBAR, the Hirsch-Index Benchmarking of Academic Research. The first Canadian version of the index was published in 2012 in The Globe and Mail. He is also one of the top authors worldwide in his field of production and operations management.

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edited Apr 25, 2014 02:12 PM