Group for Research in Decision Analysis
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Student (Postdoctoral), GERAD

Universidade do Porto, Portugal

Other titles and affiliations

since Apr 2017
Polytechnique Montréal, Canada


since Apr 2017
Postdoctoral research Game Theory applied to kidney exchange programs
Polytechnique Montréal – Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, Andrea Lodi, director
Jan 2013 – May 2016
Ph.D. Computation of equilibria on integer programming games
Universidade do Porto, João Pedro Pedroso, director, Andrea Lodi, co-director




10:45 AM–12:00 PMFeb 11, 2016 10:45 AM
GERAD seminar
Margarida Carvalho Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Canada Excellence Research Chair in Data Science for Real-Time Decision-Making
Room 4488, André-Aisenstadt Building, Université de Montréal Campus