Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Anycast End-to-End Resilience for Cloud Services over Virtual Optical Networks

Minh N. Bui

Optical networks are crucial to support increasingly demanding cloud services. Delivering the requested quality of services (in particular latency) is key to successfully provisioning end-to-end services in clouds. Therefore, as for traditional optical network services, it is of utter importance to guarantee that clouds are resilient to any failure of either network infrastructure (links and/or nodes) or data centers. A crucial concept in establishing cloud services is that of network virtualization: the physical infrastructure is logically partitioned in separate virtual networks. Also, combined control of the network and data center (IT) resources is exploited. To guaranteed end-to-end resilience for cloud services in such a set-up, we need to simultaneously route the services and map the virtual network, in such a way that an alternate routing is always available. Note that the anycast routing concept applies: assigning server resources requested by the customer to a particular (physical) datacenter can be done transparently. This paper investigates the design of scalable optimization models to perform the virtual network mapping resiliently, thus supporting resilient anycast cloud virtual networks. We compare the approach with the previous work considering classical protection schemes.