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Mathematical Programming Approaches for Multivehicle Path Coordination Under Communication Constraints

Hande Benson Drexel University, United States

We present a mathematical programming approach for generating time-optimal velocity profiles for a group of vehicle robots that must follow fixed and known paths while maintaining communication connectivity. Each robot is required to arrive at its goal as quickly as possible, and stay in communication with a certain number of other robots in the arena throughout its journey despite the presence of jammer robots. We formulate the centralized problem as a discrete time mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem (MINLP) with constraints on robot kinematics, dynamics, collision avoidance, and communication connectivity. We investigate the efficient solution of the MINLP via a nonlinear programming reformulation and the scalability of the proposed approach by testing scenarios involving up to fifty (50) robots. Finally, we present results on the corresponding decentralized problem.

This is joint work with Pramod Abichandani and Moshe Kam, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Drexel University.