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Location Analysis Method for Belgian Intermodal Terminals (LAMBIT)

Cathy Macharis Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Netherlands

Intermodal transport, the combination and integration of several transport modes, with the use of loading units, is in most cases more environmentally friendly than unimodal road transport for the carriage of goods. For other external cost categories besides environmental costs (e.g. congestion and accidents) the outperformance of intermodal transport compared to road transport is even more outspoken. An internalisation of the external costs is therefore said to positively influence the market share of intermodal transport. In this paper a simulation by means of the LAMBIT-model (Location Analysis Model for Belgian Intermodal Terminals) will analyse the effect on the market share of intermodal transport when this internalisation would be introduced. In the LAMBIT model, barge/road and rail/road combinations can be simulated within Belgium.