Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Optimization of Wireless Packet Data Networks

Rami Mukhtar

This talk will introduce some topics in optimization of wireless access packet data networks.

Recent experiences with early deployments of wireless Internet access services revealed that a great deal of improvement would be required before users could receive satisfactory service.

In this talk we present some of the problems that plagued recent packet data access networks, and recently proposed mechanisms that have been introduced at the link layers to rectify these problems. We argue that for these mechanisms to operate efficiently, their parameters must be carefully set, and protocols operating at higher layers can often interact and interfere with the performance of these lower layer enhancements.

In this talk we summarize some of these link layer enhancements and present some numerical models that we have derived to model these systems. Based on these models, we propose that the system parameters can be dynamically optimized at every level of the protocol stack to meet a user’s requirements.