Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD/McGill, Control, Networks, Games Seminar Series, "Control and Game Theory in Optical Networks: From Technology Problems to Theoretical Questions"

Lacra Pavel

In this seminar I will talk about some control and game theory problems in optical networks. I will start from the technological inspiration given by the evolution towards dynamically reconfigurable networks and will show how this evolution brings in new challenges. Some of these challenge are related to the stability analysis of optical networks or to the design of network control algorithms that allow re-optimization and resource allocation in response to changes in topology or loading. These are interesting problems from a control theory and games perspective and I will talk about the mathematical aspects of one such problem. I will show how it leads to new theoretical questions, specifically on solving Nash games with coupled utilities and coupled constraints. Concerning these, I will then present some recent results on a theoretical framework for duality in Nash games with coupled constraints.