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Using analytics to prioritize software quality assurance efforts

Emad Shihab Concordia University, Canada

In this talk, I will present a proactive approach where risky changes, i.e., changes that may break or cause errors in the software system, are flagged so defects can be avoided before they are widely integrated into the code. I will present the results of a year-long study involving more than 450 developers, spanning more than 60 teams to better understand and identify these risky changes. I find that attributes such as the number of lines of code added and the history of the files being modified by the change can be used to accurately identify risky changes. I will also present a tool that implements the developed technique, called and discuss some future directions.

Bio: Emad Shihab is an Associate Professor and Concordia Research Chair in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Concordia University. He leads the Data-driven Analysis of Software lab at Concordia University. Dr. Shihab’s research interests are in Software Quality Assurance, Mining Software Repositories, Technical Debt, Mobile Applications and Software Architecture. He worked as a software research intern at Research In Motion in Waterloo, Ontario and Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington. Dr. Shihab is a senior member of the IEEE. More information can be found at

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