Group for Research in Decision Analysis

GERAD students day

To highlight the diversity of research being conducted at GERAD, this event will enable students to present an overview of their research works.

All students supervised by a GERAD member are welcome to present their research subject, regardless its state of progress. Presentations will be 5-minute long and be understandable by a public of graduate students in applied maths. Professors are also invited to attend.

The event will be followed by a cocktail to prolong the discussions. Coffee and biscuits will also be served during the afternoon.

GERAD Students Day Program

Mathieu Tanneau, Integrating distributed energy resources to the grid through aggregation
Waddhah Mhamdi, Combinatorial bid generation for transportation procurement auctions taking into account carrier's risk behaviour
Jean-Noël Weller, New Compatibility Measure for the Kidney-Exchange Problem
Simon Thevenin, Multi-level production under dynamic and stochastic environment
Hélène-Sarah Bécotte, Quantitative tools for an automatic analysis of the writing process
Ryan Caverly, Robust Controller Design using the Large Gain Theorem
Lorela Cano, Optimization of infrastructure sharing in telecommunications networks
Eglantine Camby, The software GraphsInGraphs
Luciano Costa, Exact algorithms based on column generation for rich vehicle routing problems
Kenjy Demeester, Numerical methods for solving mid-term hydropower optimization
Arnaud Augustin, Operating room scheduling with downstream constraints
Ahmed Chaouachi, Optimization models and algorithms in Smart grid
Jhelum Chakravorty, Structural results for remote estimation with packet drops
Tiago Christo, Smart Grids Deployment For Extreme Environments: The Antarctic Case
Robin Rivest, A numerical experiment to explore the possibility of quantifying the decision maker preferences using the AHP method with much less pairwise comparisons
Louis-Pierre Campeau, Underground Mine Scheduling Optimization
Paul Javal, Arc Elimination by Reduced Cost in a Bi-directional Algorithm
Rabih Salhab, A Dynamic Game Model of Collective Choice in Multi-Agent Systems
Kevin Dalmeijer, Time Window Assignment in Distribution Networks
Lucie Desfontaines, Multiple Depot Vehicle Scheduling Problem with controlled trip shifting
Djilali Ait-Aoudia, The first passage functionals for lévy processes with jumps of rational laplace transforms
Orestes Manzanilla, Machine Learning applications in Communication Networks
Jayakumar Subramanian, Stochastic approximation based approaches for remote estimation with packet drops