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GERAD seminar

The static bicycle repositioning problem


Aug 29, 2016   10:45 AM — 12:00 PM

Henrik Andersson Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

As urbanization proceeds throughout the world, public decision makers are looking for effective, affordable, and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Bike sharing fulfills these criteria for short distance traveling within city centers, and consequently bike sharing is getting increased attention from both governments and the public. This presentation considers the static bicycle repositioning problem (SBRP), which deals with optimally re-balancing bike sharing systems (BSS) overnight, i.e. using service vehicles to move bikes from (nearly) full stations to (nearly) empty stations. The problem is put in a larger context and a literature survey comparing existing models is presented. A new formulation and a computational study on a number of instances generated based on data from a real BSS are discussed.

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Guy Desaulniers organizer


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