Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Data analytics for warehouse management: process improvement using optimization and network learning

Fatma Gzara University of Waterloo, Canada


This talk focuses on a recent project led by the author on data analytics for supply chain improvement. In partnership with a leading global supplier of warehouse management and logistics solutions, we develop advanced analytics techniques to help client companies understand their warehouse operations, identify, predict and prevent bottlenecks, and redesign their processes to maximize efficiency. We use data for an e-commerce warehouse characterized with high order volumes, significant seasonality, and a large number of SKUs. Based on extensive data analysis, the picking and packing operations are identified as the two major causes for long order completion times. We use network learning tools and develop a general optimization model to guide product grouping to create a range of warehouse configurations. We also develop an optimization model and solution methods based on decomposition and heuristics to optimize order packing. We validate our results using data over a period of 3 months.

This seminar will give you the opportunity to meet the speaker and all the researchers in attendance while enjoying drinks and snacks. We would highly appreciate if you could confirm your attendance.

This seminar is organized jointly with the Montreal section of CORS and financially supported by the CORS Traveling Speakers Program.

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