Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Community health care network design in remote regions – The case of Last Mile Health in Liberia

Marilène Cherkesly Northwestern University, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

In this presentation, we develop tools to assist with the design of a community health care network in order to increase health coverage for remote regions of Liberia. This study is a collaborative effort with Last Mile Health (LMH), a non-governmental organization that brings health care to remote communities in Liberia. In order to service remote communities, LMH trains community healthcare workers (CHWs) to prevent, diagnose, and treat the most common diseases in Liberia. CHWs are trained and supervised weekly by a community health care worker leader (CHWL). We introduce a variant of the location-routing problem to determine the number of CHWs and CHWLs, as well as the routing and scheduling of the CHWLs considering LMH’s operational constraints. We formulate the problem as a MIP with route variables. Because the number of route variables is large, we propose a way to generate only non-dominated variables and a way to break the symmetry between variables without loosing optimality. Our model also allows for sensitivity analysis of various parameters. Computational results will be presented along with a discussion of the implementation progress with LMH as CHWs are recruited.

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