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Numerical simulation and optimization of airframe assembly process

Sergey Lupuleac Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Russia

During the airframe assembly process it is important to control both gap between joined parts and stresses caused by installed fixture elements. The main goal of the presented work is to develop special tool for numerical simulations of assembly process in order to check and optimize the assembly technology.

The main challenge for simulation the assembly process is necessity to solve the contact problem for determination of deformed stress state of the assembly loaded by the forces from fastening elements. This contact problem has some peculiarities that were taken into account in order to derive efficient algorithm: The developed mathematical model combines dimension reduction with use of state-of-the-art optimization algorithms for solving of derived quadratic programming problem.

The described above algorithm was realized in software code and thoughtfully tested in the framework of joint project between Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University and Airbus Operations S.A.S. The verification of obtained results is made against analytic solution and number of physical experiments on real aircraft junctions. Simulation results have been already successfully implemented for optimization of Airbus assembly chain.

Application examples and respective challenges are to be discussed during the presentation.

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