Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Resolution method for solving the aircraft detection and resolution problem under uncertainty

Moncef Ilies Nasri Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

** The seminar will be in French.*

This internship belongs to air traffic control. The aim is to provide an exact method that maximizes efficiency and security of the air space. Uncertainties caused by the wind, air temperature, atmospheric pressure and inaccuracy in speed measurements are taken into account. Moreover, the uncertainty due to delays on the start time of the maneuvers is addressed for the first time. Its effect is modelled geometrically, and an analytical expression of the conflict probability is developed. An algorithm that considers all the uncertainties cited above has been implemented. The problem is modelled as a clique search in a graph. Our algorithm is bi-objective iterative optimization procedure that generates a subset of Pareto-optimal solutions. These solutions represent a good trade-off between the efficiency of the solutions and the safety induced by the chosen maneuvers.

Key-words : stochastic optimization, air traffic control, air conflicts under uncertainty, mixed integer programming.

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