Group for Research in Decision Analysis

Mise à jour d'horaires de personnel travaillant sur des quarts

Camille Froger Polytechnique Montréal, Canada

Personal shift scheduling is a great operations research problem. The user is willing to minimize its workforce costs while answering to customers' demand and being sure to enforce the regulations and collective agreements. However, the schedule being planned one month ahead, the real demand is difficult to forecast precisely. It is thus possible that the schedule, while responding to the forecast demand, doesn't respond to the real demand. If one can predict few days earlier that the real demand won't be the same than the forecast one, rescheduling is possible. We will study in this seminar, some methods for this rescheduling.

This seminar is only open to students of GERAD.
We would highly appreciate if you could confirm your attendance. Pizza and non alcoholic beverages will be available; you can also bring your own lunch.