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In Linux machines the access to our softwares is done through loading modules Module is a system which allows to create and use configurations for softwares. The software had to be installed, because the module only job is to modify the environment so that the software can work. This system allow the existence of multiversions of a software without conflict issues.

Command Description
module help List all the module commands available.
module help <module> Shows a help section for certain modules.
module avail List all modules available.
module load <mod1> [mod2…] Load the specified modules.
module unload <module> unload the specified module.
module list List all loaded modules.


To show all available modules:

module avail

To show all the available versions of a module like “anaconda” for example:

module avail anaconda

anaconda/4.4.0  anaconda/  anaconda/5.1.0 anaconda/5.2.0(default)

To load the default version of anaconda :anaconda/5.2.0:

module load anaconda

To show all y=the modules loaded in your session:

module list

Currently Loaded Modulefiles:
1) null   2) anaconda/5.2.0(default)

To unload a module from your session:

module unload anaconda

To load a specific version of the module other than the default, for example the version 4.4 of “anaconda”,

module load anaconda/4.4.0
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