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 ====== Tikz tutorial ====== ====== Tikz tutorial ======
 +GERAD, through Luciano Costa, Lucie Desfontaines, Karine Hébert and Frédéric Quesnel, present an introductory tutorial to TikZ * (basic concepts, graphs, life-saving tips). 
 +*TikZ is an instruction set in the form of an extension (package) to generate vector drawings (graphs, diagrams, animations ...) under LaTeX. 
 +Here are the lecture notes distributed during the tutorial:
 +  * {{ :fr:tutoriel_tikz_2022_handout.pdf |Printable version}}
 +  * {{ :fr:tutoriel_tikz_2022_complet.pdf |Complete version}}
 +  * {{ |TikZ Tutorial}}
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