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Graphics Creation

There is a variety of free programs to create images that LaTeX can use :

  • Xfig: Old program, still very popular. For Unix Only.

You can also use commercial software as long as you can save your graphics in Latex accepted format such as EPS pour LaTeX, JPG or PDF for Latex (pdfLaTeX).

How to create EPS figures from MS Office

You can dowload for free GrindEQ , a plugin for Word who allows you to create PostScript files from selected images.

In order to convert the graphics from other applications of MS Office suite such as Excel for example, you can copy/Paste in Word in a first step.

Once the PostScript created, you must convert it to EPS format using a program called Gsview. (Gsview requires Ghostscript to be installed).

Conversion of LaTeX to word

You can convert your Latex document to HTML first then from html to word. There is a variety of free programs that convert html to Latex:

You can buy commercial softwares that converts Latex documents to Word:

Table of figures - Liste of figures

In order to change the title of the figures list which is by default « table of figures », you need to add the following command before \listoffigures and not in the beginning of the document.

For example:

\renewcommand{\listfigurename}{Liste of figures}% \listoffigures

Typographie française with LaTeX

This PDF explain how to handle french characters in Latex.

  • Fichier attaché
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