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documentation Centre

The GERAD student can loan books for short term from the documentation centre free of charge. The documentation centre will buy books progressively in order to increase its content. Contribution from our members by donating books is very appreciated.

The documentation Centre is located at the main entrance of the GERAD. Books are classified by first author in alphabetic order. The complete list of books is list bellow.

Identify the reference number of the book you want to loan and contact Marie (local 4459) or Marilyne (local 4457).

NB: This is only available for the GERAD members only. The volumes of the documentation centre are for consultation use only. Volumes has to be kept inside the GERAD offices in case another person wants to consult it. You can have the document in your possession for a maximum of 14 days.

It is to note that certain books are available through internet.

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