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Registration Procedure for Calcul Québec

To register to Calcul Québec, the professor must have an account in Calcul Canada, so that he/she can sponsor his/her students, postdocs or research staff.

You can begin by consulting Calcul Canada webinars that can be accessed on the Compute Canada youtube site:

In summary, the procedure is as follows:

1- Registration of the Professor in Calcul Canada :

In the registration form you have to enter your boss ccri code : esi-533-01

Once the application is accepted the professor should receive an email with an account number like this: xxx-xxx-xx

2- Registration of the student on the same link and select sponsored student, he must enter the account number that was assigned to his/her supervisor by Calcul Canada.

3- Once the confirmation email is sent to the student or researcher, he/she should return to his account in Calcul Canada then go to “My Account” to register in Calcul Québec and choose a password (*NB: It takes about 24 hours before the password is active*). Then can log in to Calcul Québec at

4. Go to the following link to see the list of modules installed on each of the Calcul Québec servers


If you need to use CPL in calcul Québec or compute Canada grid, you need to register to IBM academic in order to get your own student CPLEX version (you need to downloads the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio for Linux x86-64 Multilingual).

Then in your local account in Compute Canada or Calcul Québec grid, you can install CPLEX following the instructions in the help page:

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