International Summer School
On Multiple Criteria Decision Aid 2003

"Concerted Resource Management and Sustainable
Development: Processes and Tools"


May 26 to June 6, 2003

School Location: HEC Montréal
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal (Qc) H3T 2A7

(Building #28 on the campus map).


Goals and Designated Public

The aim of the school is to give a state-of-the-art presentation of multiple criteria methods, applications and software. A special attention will be given on "Concerted Resource Management and Sustainable Development: processes and tools". The term resources means here all kind of resources: financial, human, material, natural. These concepts and tools are presented in a didactic way and they illustrate the complementarity of the approaches which can be found in the literature. They follow a clue from problem structuring till operation methods. Software presentations and case studies are also included in the program.

Multicriteria decision aid (MCDA) is a rapidly evolving domain which scientific developments are altogether based on fundamental sciences as mathematics, computer science, operation research, engineering, etc. and on social sciences and management science as sociology, management, political sciences. Interdisciplinarity needs a special involvement and will to insure full collaboration. The field of application is continuously expanding and social demands are numerous.

The specific objectives of the school are:

The designated public is the following:

It is very important that both categories described be present in order to favour the exchanges between people who are used to deal with decision problems in very different manners. The ideal number of participants is about 40 and, in any case, less than 50.


The official language of the School is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Welcoming Institution

GERAD Research Center (Group for Research in Decision Analysis)

Supporting institutions

Permanent International Scientific Committee

The Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Summer Schools in MCDA is presently Ph. Vincke from Belgium. This committee is constituted of eight people, who are :

Local Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

Financial Partners

GERAD MITACS hec montréal

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